While this isn’t the norm from us here at emotuit, as it’s not relating to Education in the strictest sense of the word,  but more education in the much wider sense,  what we’ll be doing on 19th November is a big deal.

We’re going to be riding 24hrs for charity. Say goodbye to our undersides and our legs now, but we’re doing it.

I should add; we’re going to be doing this on Zwift, hopefully with a fully setup event module, so other people can join in with us as well (work in progress). The bonus of it being on Zwift is that we have less chance of getting struck by wild animals or cars when we’re 20 hours in. The downside is, we’re still going to be peddling it out for 24hrs straight.

Why on earth would we do such a thing? Well, I’ll tell you and it’s some very close to my heart. My wife, who was really getting into her riding, more recently found an odd pain in her hip that she’d experienced for a while but put it down to a pulled muscle until it started getting a lot worse, to the point she was in severe pain and I ordered her to go to the doctors to get it seen to.

X-rays and MRIs later revealed that she had a rare bone disease called AVN, or avascular necrosis. This disease affects the blood flow to your bones in your joints, which causes the bone to not get enough supply of blood and die. This leads to obvious chronic pain and, where possible, total joint replacement. It can affect any joint in the body and most commonly starts in the hips, shoulders, elbows and knees. Sometimes it can be isolated in one joint, but it’s often found to spread to other joints.

Unlike many diseases, being rare, they are unable to stop it spreading to other joints, they can only try and reduce the chance, or, if your stage of the disease is too severe, replace the joints where possible.

AVN affects only about 25k people across the US & UK every year, so it doesn’t have the visibility of other more diseases. This is something I would like to change.

We’re riding for AVN Charity UK  to try and help them continue the great work they are doing. Not only to increase the visibility, but also their work in helping suffers of AVN understand what’s possible, where they can get help and resources, and generally supporting the AVN sufferers community.

Our bodies can be a wonderful thing, and can be put through untold amounts of stress and battering, which is why we want to test that in doing what people like my wife would love to be able to do, and that’s ride until we can’t ride any more.

You can show your support for the ride by sponsoring us here: SPONSOR US HERE

You can join in and smash some strava goals by signing up to the event here: {Event details to follow} – or alternatively, just showing your support by sharing this post and getting the word out would mean the world to all of us.


– Yours personally, Ross.