As you all keep up to date with our activities, you’ll know that we were sponsors at InstructureCon, but what you’ll also know is we were also sponsors of BbWorld16 too! This was actually prior to our time in Keystone.

It started with a nice long flight from London, direct to land in a boiling hot Las Vegas. We settled in and again, made sure we were set up in the vendor hall at the Sands Expo. The hall was massive, and really great for getting everyone in there for lunch, which encouraged people to come and have a chat about emotuit and what we are doing.

One thing was noticeable on the BbWorld16 side… Branding was fantastic from a sponsor side. Whenever we turned a corner, there was our logo! Outside every session room was a screen which had the sponsors shown on rotation. They were on the huge main screens at the main stage, the walls, the big rest area screens… everywhere! It was great to see.

People couldn’t help but come and speak to us at the event and we met so many great people from all walks of life in the industry, and hope to be working with many of them very soon! We really enjoyed showing you what emotuit are doing and the power of how we can help you understand your students and the efficacy of your content.

A key part for us as well was building our relationship with Blackboard and their roadmap, so we can continue to supplement the work that they are doing on their products. My are they doing work, too. Analytics was a big theme at BbWorld16, which again, was a great topic for us (it’s kind of what we do!) and helped us build on what they are doing. With Caliper in Moodlerooms and Learn, Xray for Moodlerooms, (which looks fantastic), and their new Predict analytics tool, there were many things in the analytics space being discussed.

On top of this, we heard a lot about student success and how we try and predict and measure this (which in part, can be helped with their new predict software), which is what we aim to supplement too. Giving a context of what students are doing on the raw data points collected by the system really helps you understand the data you’re collecting on your students, to help you make more informed predictions.

As well as this, Blackboard made sure that we met people in their analytics team, which were all great people to meet. We learnt a lot about their directions and have continued on to now begin to understand how we can build our software to be as inline with theirs as possible and enhance their products.

We’re really looking forward to our future working with the guys at Blackboard!

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