See Your Online Student Data in the NEW emotuit Student Overview

Everyone loves new features and that's exactly what we're bringing to the emotuit engagement analytics table! The Student Overview on a course shows you more than just how engaged your students are, but also displays student data that the LMS analytics gives you too, such as: Page views, Time in the system, Participations, Quiz scores, as well [...]

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The emotuit Team is Growing!

It's with immense pleasure to announce from emotuit towers, that the emotuit team is growing. By that, I don't just mean too many burgers, but we actually have more people, or person(s). Philippa Jones has joined emotuit as Sales Manager. Helping with the demand we're facing and getting us in front of all these wonderful [...]

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Get In The Ring – London

While no stranger to standing on a stage in front of people, this Wednesday saw our CEO, Ross, going toe to toe with another company on the stage of Get In The Ring. A competition which pits 2 companies against each other to "battle" over 5 rounds in front of 5 judges and an audience. [...]

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Why Data Standards in EdTech Are So Important

One thing that I've seen time and time again while talking to different schools, universities and companies is the complete range of tools and software that is used, across all sectors. Having spent so long in IT, I know personally that every time you try and find a product to fit all of your needs and [...]

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Emotuit Adds New Advisor – Michael B. Horn

We at emotuit are marking a great time for the company. Is this because we are all awesome with such awesome technology? Well, obviously it's partly because of that, but that makes everyday special. So what's so special about this moment? The title is kind of a giveaway, so you really already know, but yes! [...]

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Emotuit – Eduventures One To Watch in 2016

Well, we actually reported on this when Eduventures released the article, way, way back in JANUARY! But, since we lost a lot of our posts, we cannot deny we are happy to republish this one. We love the work that eduventures do, and the experience and research that they do, so to be listed as "One of [...]

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Emotuit and UNC System Learning Technology Commons

The University of North Carolina System Learning Technology Commons is a new way of universities to choose their technology products for their campuses. With 17 campuses and over 225,000 students, North Carolina has many universities, all with different processes, setups and systems. Because of this, the way of finding, purchasing and using the products previously, was [...]

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Emotuit Sponsors at BbWorld 2016

By now you've probably seen that we're going to be sponsors at InstructureCon 2016, and since the awesome emotuit student engagement app is on both Canvas and Blackboard Learn, we thought; what better idea than to be at both InstructureCon AND BbWorld 2016! And what better than to be sponsors at BOTH events? So come [...]

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Student Centric Data: It’s All About Context

One massive thing that is important to us at emotuit, is student centric data and more importantly, the context of student data. Data without context is like a listening to music with your fingers in your ears. You might get some of the dong, but you're never going to get the full picture. In a [...]

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Emotuit Sponsors at InstructureCon 2016

If you're a Canvas customer, you will no doubt be very much aware of InstructureCon. NO?! NOOO!? You can't be serious?! My word, now that I have come to terms with that; InstructureCon is Instructure's yearly conference for all it's customers, vendors and partners. This year it's theme is KumbayAwesome... so, camp themed!   And, [...]

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