Education and EdTech is changing, but the same problems exist

Education and EdTech is changing, but the same problems exist Everyday I read something new that's happening in education; whether it's new technology or a new framework introduced. As always, lots is constantly happening in the space, which is amazing. When I see the new companies coming out, or the new platforms, I can't help [...]

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Scalar Learning Podcast – Ross Jones & emotuit intro

We're very behind with our posts on here, but that's because we've been working very hard on our Moodle release, which should be coming out soon. Not only that, but we've been talking to lots of different people around the world; From Asia, to Mexico, Brazil, the US and the UK. In our talks, one [...]

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ReCharge 2017 South Carolina University – Palmetto College – Emotuit & Data Science

We were recently asked to speak at the very first ReCharge event held at University of South Carolina's Palmetto College, with many of the South Carolina Universities attending. The 2 day event had many different speakers, all centered around the theme of online learning. With such a great variety of speakers, we heard a lot [...]

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Reimagine Education Awards Judge 2017

We are big fans of the reimagine education awards, in fact we entered last year and we are really behind everything they do to try and push innovation in the education space. Not only do their awards give a great platform for companies in edTech to gain more exposure and recognition, but the people behind [...]

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Do We Really Understand Student Engagement?

So, do we really understand student engagement? You will see in our space, the big wide world of education, that more and more is being focussed on "student engagement", and first we have to have a look at what it is, before we can understand it, and why does it even matter? Well, the worldwide web, [...]

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Analytics is a thing in Education

Analytics is actually a thing... it's just matured. Yesterday, I read Mike Sharkey's post on the Blackboard Blog about analytics not featuring on the NMC Horizon report for 2017, when it has across pretty much every year in the last 5. Mike went on to say that analytics was no longer a "thing" but instead [...]

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Course Beta Testing On The Rise

Is online course beta testing, a thing of the future? Whilst sipping a cup of coffee and taking 5 minutes from the chaos around, I found myself scrolling through the stories on Edsurge and one happened to catch my eye; online course beta testing. As I read through the article, at first I was thinking [...]

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D2L Analytics Gets Better With Emotuit Help

D2L Analytics are getting improved! How is this? Well, quite simply because the emotuit for D2L is on it's way. That's how. Thanks to the demand from a number of institutions, we've pushed up our timelines slightly to get the D2L integration from emotuit out. This means your D2L analytics will get better, thanks to [...]

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DeVos Confirmed as Secretary of Education…

DeVos Confirmed, World Sighs We spoke before about DeVos when she struggled to understand the difference between proficiency vs growth and we've just heard the words,  "Betsy DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education." It was at that point everyone around the world sighed, unsure of what the future holds in public education. Whilst we do not like [...]

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Reimagine Education Awards 2016 – Shortlisted & So close…

We didn't really mention this, but thought it was a notable mention, regardless of the final result. The Reimagine Education Awards happens every year for different categories across the education space, looking for those who are making a difference. They are bringing out some fantastic companies, which is truly a great thing to be doing. [...]

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