Emotuit Canvas App – New Features!

One thing we were lacking, based on feedback from our BETA customers, was a simple way of disabling the emotuit app for certain courses, or for certains parts of a course, or even for certain students. So, we listened and released a UI update to the emotuit Engagement Analytics app for Canvas and have made [...]

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Introducing: The Emotuit Engagement Analytics App for Canvas

We are here. We’ve not got lost, in fact we’ve just had our heads down working hard to build what is now v1.0 of our LTI app for Canvas. We know that student retention is important to anyone in educational faculty. We also know that understanding your students is not only a very important part [...]

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Student Engagement Analytics App – EduAppCenter

If you read our BoomStartup post (what, you mean you haven't seen it?!) you will have seen that the emotuit app is now in the EduApp Center! Well, it's been there a while, but how are you to know that without an update such as this one? Exactly. What does that mean to you? If [...]

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BoomStartup Accelerator Alumni

Since, we're having to retrace our steps slightly (See here for why that is), I thought it would be a idea to fill in some of the emotuit gaps. In September 2015, we joined the BoomStartup Edtech Accelerator cohort, based in Utah. It was a time of much change at emotuit. We officially become an [...]

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Where Are The Updates?

  Well, at the moment it looks like there have been no updates on the site since back in 2014?! Well, that's just not right. In fact, what has happened is a migration of our site, which has caused a number of our updates to vanish into the lost world of the internet, never to [...]

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The Road to Disrupt

The road to Disrupt is paved with challenges and long days and nights. As with any business and software development, you find that each hurdle presents and another. So we’re becoming great hurdlers at the moment. Online checkin for my flight opens in 3 days. We have about 4 days. I set off for London [...]

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Check Us Out At Collision!

It’s not a bad selection of people to be featured with, albeit a long list, there are some fantastic attendees featured on the Collision Conference site […]

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Android App & Web App Launching @ Collision Conference May!

All of this activity and work seems to last forever, for us and probably for you as well. The big news is that, as you’ve read above. We will be “soft launching” the web app and Android app in May this year at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas. We would have been ready to [...]

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The Team is Growing!

As ever, our backlog of work is growing and now so is our team to match this. We know how important our IT infrastructure is to us, and how important data security means, not just to us, but to our users. So with that in mind, Dave Shaw has joined the emotuit team. A CISSP [...]

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