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Education and EdTech is changing, but the same problems exist

Education and EdTech is changing, but the same problems exist Everyday I read something new that's happening in education; whether it's new technology or a new framework introduced. As always, lots is constantly happening in the space, which is amazing. When I see the new companies coming out, or the new platforms, I can't help [...]

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Do We Really Understand Student Engagement?

So, do we really understand student engagement? You will see in our space, the big wide world of education, that more and more is being focussed on "student engagement", and first we have to have a look at what it is, before we can understand it, and why does it even matter? Well, the worldwide web, [...]

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CEO Soapbox Episode 3 – We’re Data Rich But Information Poor

Continuing the CEO Soapbox from last year (hopefully we'll hit more than two a year in 2017... resolutions etc.) here I am with today's piece: We're Data Rich But Information Poor... The understanding of Student Data I spoke last year at the future of education conference in London about data and specifically in education with regards to ensuring [...]

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CEO SoapBox Episode 2 – Student Success & The Average Student

Student Success & The Average Student These are two things that we strive to understand. Want to crack the code behind and want to understand; the key to student success and the average student. But there is a problem. A fundamental problem with the concept from the start which affects the way we determine any [...]

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CEO Soapbox Episode 1 – The 150 Year Old Standardized Education System

The 150 year Old Farce! There is no denying I like to go on a bit of a rant every now and then, and as such I thought it would be a nice little touch to put them on our blog, thus begins the CEO Soapbox series, and in particular this piece on the standardized [...]

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