Emotuit About Us

At Emotuit we are all about DATA. More than that though, we’re all about actionable data, because who wants data if you don’t know what to do with it, or it means nothing to you?

It started in 2014 when we found a problem with online learning. With an increase in the push to put courses online, little had been thought about students’ interactions with these courses, to make sure the most important thing happened; THEY WERE LEARNING.

Being unable to understand how a student is reacting to your course material, is like a teacher stood in front of a class full of students with their eyes closed.

Emotuit was born to give power back to universities in understanding your students and power back to the students themselves in getting more out of their online courses. Giving context to data, helping the world of online learning become a better, and more effective place.

We know that LMS analytics cannot provide the data that we can, and there is a big gap here. Are your students engaged? Are they even there? How is your course material?

All of these questions you have, emotuit can answer for you.

emotuit about us
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