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Engagement Matters…use our engagement analytics

The emotuit engagement analytics solution provides you with the all important, when it comes to your online learning content and your students. Context.

Where the analytical data you get from LMSs falls short, is context. Understanding the WHY is extremely important when it comes to helping you understand how effective your online course material is, or where you students are struggling, but before they fail.

We can use the standard; page views, time on task, participation levels etc. but all of these can be interpreted in many different ways.

Did that studentĀ really spend that time on task? And were they actively engaged that whole time?

This is where emotuit helps you!

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Simple to Install

We realize it's not easy to pick an LMS and sometimes you just want a bit more, so we integrate with many LMSs to make it simple to get the benefit of emotuit

Integrate with your existing LMS!

We know you spent a long time choosing your LMS, so we make it easy for you to use us!

Easy to Use

Our solution allows students to take courses as they would normally, just with emotuit understanding how engaged they are.

Students take courses as normal!

No need for changes to your courses, or changes to the way you put your content online. The emotuit solution allows students to take courses as they would normally through the LMS.

Actionable Analytics

Understand your students engagement in all your online material

Data you can actually do something with

See a full breakdown of how your students are participating in your classes, including all the data the LMS provides, but with context to help you understand if your students are actively engaged in the material.

Full Breakdown of Course Content

Understand where students are dropping out on content

See how EACH piece of content is performing

We know how valuable it is to understand your online course content, so you get a full breakdown of every piece of course material on your course, and not only the engagement score, but engagement vs. time on task.

Why Choose Us

      • Our engagement analytics gives you an understanding that your LMS cannot.
      • We strive to help you understand your content and your students like no other
      • The emotuit solution provides context you cannot get elsewhere
      • The ease in which you can install and use emotuit is unmatched
      • Our pricing model makes it a simple decision to choose emotuit!
      • We are always making our solutions better, as we care about education and students
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