Emotuit has a great offering for Enterprise, with the best analytics and understanding of students and content available on the market, why use us? Well…

  • Full analysis of your courses & engagement report on each.
  • Clear actions on improvements for course content based on engagement & performance.
  • Simple breakdown of engagement on your users & courses.
  • Easy to understand analytics – no spreadsheets full of non-actionable numbers.
  • Defined action points on how to improve engagement & course material.

The cost of internal training and eLearning within an enterprise is enormous and so is the cost of ensuring our employees have understood their assigned courses. If you have to be compliant in the workplace, this can be the difference between a costly fine, or not. This is why Emotuit puts the engagement of users first. Our software integrates with your current LMS to help you understand where your employees are engaged in course material and where they are not.

Moreover, we give you actionable data to help understand where your course material needs improving in order to maximise the performance of your employees outcome within online courses. No more vigorous clicking of the next button to guess the answers at the end (we’ve all been there). We can show students progress vs. engagement vs. performance, delivering an easy to understand overview of your employees learning and your content.

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