Higher Education

Emotuit has a great offering for Higher Education, with the best analytics and understanding of students and content available on the market, why use us? Well…

  • Full analysis of your courses & engagement report on each.
  • Clear actions on improvements for course content based on engagement & performance.
  • Spot at risk of dropping out students with clear student analytics.
  • Easy to understand analytics – no more raw data sets to scroll through.
  • Simple breakdown of student engagement & actions to take.

Increasing retention rates, student engagement and as such the efficacy of your online content is increasingly important in HED. Because of this, understanding your students is key; where they are disengaged, engaged and understanding where your content needs improving within a course.

This is why emotuit provides an easy to use extension to your existing LMS, with easy to track and more importantly easy to action engagement analytics. Understand trends, demographic breakdown and engagement vs. performance metrics on all of your courses, in an easy to digest way. You get to see a breakdown of all of your students and all of your courses online, showing engagement by student, course, module and even specific content, as well as relating performance data on the content, allowing you to understand your engagement analytics. Know more about your courses, your material and more importantly your students.

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