Now our feet have finally hit the floor again, post crazy conference season, it’s a great time to reflect on our experience as a first time InstructureCon 2016 attendee.

Where to begin…

It was a hot day, we’d got ourselves on a plane and via a quick stop in Phoenix, we landed in Denver. More importantly our great company display arrived with us, too. Much to our relief. We collected our hire car and slowly made our way up into the surrounding mountains and eventually arrived at Keystone.

After a initial setup of our booth, we got to meet the first batch of Camp Canvas folk. Again, with this being our first time, we were told that company pin badges would be a good option for “swag”. We were unsure, but apparently we were told correctly. You’ll probably see many emotuit pins around the world now, thanks toInstructureCon 2016! (We’re going to be running a competition to see how far they’ve reached around the world – stay tuned!)

It’s clear that Camp Canvas is all about the community, hence the camp theme. With many group activities arranged in the evening around the Keystone resort, it’s a great way to get the community communicating with one another.

This is also reflected in the sessions and pipeline outlined, too. With cheers from the audience as things like better quizzing and mastery were announced, you can see that the community drives these features and Instructure listens.

There were also so many great resources for the audience, whether you were developing, administering, teaching, designing… you name it, Instructure catered for you all.

It’s without a doubt that Instructure has the Kumbayawesome theme locked down. We met some fantastic people there and we look forward to being a much more active member of the Canvas community moving forward and meeting so many more of you guys.

Thank you for Instructure for having us, and we look forward to working more closely with you as we grow, too.

To give you a sneak, see for yourself below with highlights of InstructureCon 2016!