Our Team

Ross Jones
Ross JonesPresident
With a passion for education and desire to make a difference, Ross believes that bridging that data gap in education can help provide better support for students and reach those all over the world who do not have access great levels of teaching. He has a background in IT and project management and likes building things, normally techie things or anything gadget related for that matter. He also enjoys lean startups and agile project management and spends all his spare time building wireframes, skiing in the local mountains, enjoying wine and BBQs with his family in France. If he could find a way to combine all of those at once, he would be truly content. He’s trying.
Sean Burton
Sean BurtonVice President Engineering
Knowing that not everyone learns in the same way, Sean is driven to make that change. He’s an IT Software Developer, in any language and has a background in IT security and degree in Computer Science. Sean also loves music and in his spare time produces music, although he is a perfectionist, so we don’t get to see much of it. Sean’s calling card is his attention to detail, including his attire. He can be found mostly in a 3 piece. Very dapper.
Dave Shaw
Dave ShawVice President IT
Every modern startup needs an IT guy, whether it be which public or private cloud to use, how to integrate the myriad of software platforms with each other, ensuring IT is delivered within budget, and of course the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to IT, Dave is emotuit’s go to guy. With over 10 years IT experience, 7 consulting in Information Security for some of the biggest corporations and Governments in the world. Dave is a firm believer in self-teaching due to the short falls of most education systems and genuinely believes the emotuit proposition is the future of understanding education. In his spare time Dave likes to stay on top of the latest IT innovations, outdoor pursuits such as walking the odd mountain with friends. Just…because!
Roger S Taylor
Roger S TaylorVice President Research & Development
Emotuit systems are complex and detailed, which is exactly why someone like Roger is so important. Having spent over 10 years in Academia studying emotion and engagement in learning, Roger’s research has covered a wealth of areas in the Human Computer Interaction space. As an Ass. Professor at SUNY Oswego, Roger even built a platform to measure student emotional response when learning.
Outside the world of statistics and data sets, Roger is a keen surfer and even teaches a class in the science of surfing.