Engagement Analytics

As a teacher, you currently have no way of measuring student engagement in courses online. You have basic analytics from the player; did they click play, stop, skip etc. but did they ACTUALLY engage with the course? With less than 5% completion rate in MOOCs and a current lack of engagement analytics for e-learning material, Emotuit helps solve the problem of student engagement in e-learning.

With data being captured in everything we do, you’d think it would be easy to understand students as they learn online, but aside from quantitative data there is a real lack of understanding if students are engaged and learning online.
Emotuit uses facial expression recognition to analyse students’ emotional response to online learning material, along with their performance, to really understand how students are engaging.

Taking all of that data, processing it and reporting back to the teacher or course administrator, in easy to digest analytics. Giving simple to understand actions about on students and how to best support them, push them and ensure content is as effective as it could be.

With your standard LMS analytics lacking any real context around your students and your content, emotuit’s product is growing and getting better, providing you more and more understanding. Actionable data around your students as individuals, not just as numbers.

We also know you’ve spent a long time choosing your LMS and as such, we integrate simply into your existing system. With an ever growing list of development partners, if we don’t currently integrate with your system, contact us and we will be sure to help you.

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