We capture student’s facial expression and therefore emotional response to eLearning content using the students’ native camera. No streaming of video, no HD needed. Low bandwidth and vastly secure solution.


Emotuit uses a state of the art expression recognition algorithm, which in real time can analyse your engagement & reaction to content. Using the 7 basic expressions of emotion in context against student performance allows us a deeper understanding of what content really helps you learn.


Based on that analysis, emotuit delivers easy to understand analytics to the teachers or course administrators, with clear actions to take on students and course material. Ensuring efficacy of content and the highest engagement of students in online learning. Spotting early on where course material can be improved, or where students are at risk or need accelerating.

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As a teacher, you currently don’t know how students are engaging with courses online. You have basic analytics from the player; did they click play, stop, skip etc. but did they ACTUALLY engage with the course? With less than 5% completion rate in MOOCs and a current lack of engagement analytics for e-learning material, emotuit helps solve the problem of student engagement in e-learning.
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Student engagement is an incredibly important part of learning; whether that is eLearning or classroom learning. As such, emotuit provides engagement analytics…

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Higher Education

Increasing retention rates, student engagement and as such the efficacy of your online content is increasingly important in HED. Because of this, understanding…

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The cost of internal training and eLearning within an enterprise is enormous and so is the cost of ensuring our employees have understood their assigned courses…

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